Demola is back!

Following a very successful introduction at the beginning of this year, Demola is back with two new case studies to spice this semester up. These new challenges are submitted  by the same partner companies,thus great workflow is guaranteed.

If this is the first time you hear about Demola, you might wonder; okay, but what on Earth is it all about?

To sum it up: Demola connects university students and researchers with companies. You, as a student or researcher,  get to work together with company leaders and trained Demola facilitators for over 8 weeks, aiming to find innovative solutions to a certain challenge. This challenge is brought in by the companies themselves .

So what are the benefits of joining?

  • You can closely work with the company leaders and learn a lot from their experience. They usually look for young talents too who they can offer internships to.
  • You also became part of an international team and you get to use your skills and, of course, acquire new ones, such as entrepreneurial and problem solving or presentational skills. Participation in a  programme like this looks great in your resume.
  • 2 credit points is also among the benefits and beside that, the programme is also accountable for scholarships.

We also made a one pager for you that nicely sums up what Demola is all about and what’s in it for you. Check it out!

Check out the two new challenges we have ready for you this semester:

Case study #1:

Case study #2: Coming soon! Stay tuned!

(You can submit your application through these links)

Please note that the application process is ongoingly open through the whole year, however, for these cases above, the deadline is 29th September.

If you are interested in the programme, you can find out more about Demola Global andother opportunities by following this link:

If you have any question, please feel free to reach out to us at

USZ Virtus Pitching Day at the Innovation Week

The  Directorate for R&D Innovation at the University of Szeged (USZ) organised a Pitching Day for researchers and students on May 30, 2019, within the framework of  its annual Innovation Week.

The aim of the USZ’s Virtus Pitching Day is to provide the active researchers and creative students of the  university with a deeper insight into the world of startups, as well as to give an opportunity for project and idea initiators to present their project, convince potential investors, extend their networks and collect project feedback.

The event was opened by Prof. Dr.Zoltán Kónya, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, who emphasised the  pivotal role the University plays in supporting young talents and the importance of bringing young people closer to the innovation chain that includes investors and industry players. This goal is ensured by the USZ Virtus program and the recently finalised participation in the Demola network.

Following the introduction of the jury members, the student and research teams presented their project ideas. A total of six teams pitched their ideas to the jury. We have seen a catering industry chatbot system, a multi-functional community restaurant application plan, a solution that can help hearing-impaired people with their communication problems, as well as plans for legal and financial services applications that innovatively link service providers with potential customers. Additionally, a team of researchers presented the idea of ​​a surgical design system to cure a subspecies of cancerous diseases, which is a further development to an already well-known and established therapeutic method. Eventually,the ExiPay team, who work on developing an instant mobile payment infrastructure, win this year’s contest.